Benefits of Virtual Coaching: what is in it for me?

Save time and money

  • Increase efficiency and the possible number of meetings per day
  • Avoid travel time and costs
  • Maintain coaching sessions during travel or while working from any location.

Improve the coaching experience by using collaboration tools

  • Brainstorming using virtual white boards can trigger new ideas and increase awareness. Imagine the coach and client using a virtual whiteboard during a session. Each party can store and print the results afterwards, without taking a photo of a paper whiteboard or typing it all again.
  • Share material directly from your computer, such as images, plans, resumes, documents and slides. This can be an effective method to reveal your experience, especially during mentoring sessions.
  • Increase awareness using the recording function. With permission clients can listen for their responses to specific questions or the way they respond or jog the memory from the discussion. The coach can review the session to improve competencies and the session structure.

Attract new client groups and segments

  • Clients who do not want to travel and dislike telephone coaching
  • Those clients who would like access to your specialty, experience or personality but cannot afford the cost of travel.
  • Do your clients have travel restrictions? This is no longer a barrier for coaching
  • Corporate clients are more accessible via teleconference: 75% of Fortune 500 companies are using Cisco TelePresence (source: Cisco, 06/2011) and probably expect you to offer video coaching.
  • Expand your reach to offer Group Coaching. This lowers the barrier for new clients to experience your coaching style. Offering webinars is standard to attract new clients.
  • Are you presenting at virtual conferences? Find out how to distinguish yourself as an exceptional speaker, especially in a virtual environment.

Increase trust

  • While your first thought might be 'virtual coaching increases the barrier to trust and intimacy', studies have proven that people actually trust more under certain conditions, and build trust faster with remote people.

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